Who We Are

About Us

Sallyport is a team of investment professionals focused on a patient approach to start and invest in growing businesses. Originally a single-family office with a focus on the energy industry, the firm has broadened its investment mandate to include a variety of industries.

The Firm

Sallyport Investments
Sallyport Investments was founded to provide capital and leadership to early-stage companies across a variety of industries. Sallyport has crafted an investment process that maximizes the value of relationships and long-term capital and optimizes portfolio company operations by partnering with excellent management teams. Through decades of relationship building, Sallyport routinely collaborates with both industry leaders and thought leaders to identify trends before they are pronounced.

Sallyport Funds

Sallyport manages alternative investment strategies for outside investors.

"The Sallyport team has been a critical component of Validere’s success. By showing early belief, ongoing support, and inherent trust, the Sallyport team have proven themselves to be a perfect partner for our business."

—Nouman Ahmad, CEO of Validere

The Team

100+ Years of Collective Experience

Amy Rogers
Executive Assistant to Doug Foshee
Kathy Smith
Executive Assistant to Kyle Bethancourt